A Knight’s Night – I: The Dream


Image credits to RoxRio of DevianArt. Edited by ZMelia.


Mornings were always the one thing she both loved and hated the most. She loved the fact that it was bright every time she wakes, indicating it was a new day. What she hated though, was waking up and realizing it was yet another day with the same old routine, and the fact that she was always alone.

She stood up from her folding bed, took her phone hidden between the spaces of the bed, her iPod and iPad from the side, and her beloved big fat pillow. Proceeded to folding both her blanket and her bed, she put the bed aside and took her stuff, along with the pillow and blanket, and left the master’s bedroom, transferring to the room that is right across from the master’s.

The door creaked open as she let the door where she left slammed closed by itself. She entered her room, the same mess still there from yesterday. Closing the door and locking it, she dropped her things on the bed and let her body fall on her queen size bed.

With eyes closed, she thought about what she would do today. The time she spent with her laptop everyday has increased each day. College hasn’t started for her, which she doesn’t mind really. But it would have been great if she had friends who’d want to actually want to hang out with her. Rather, if she had friends who had more free time for her, or if she had friends who she could actually trust.

Soon she slipped into slumber.

It was perplexing where she was. Surrounded by tall buildings and thousands of people walking and crossing the street, she stood there in the middle, unable to comprehend where she was.

Think Tabby, think, she thought. Ah, now she remembered. She was in her room, lying down, thinking something about friends. But that was that. She doesn’t remember ever walking out the house and venturing out to the city.

Even more confused, no one even notices she was just standing idly in the middle of the street and she was wearing her pajamas still. Observing, she walked close to a nearby vendor and asked how much he was selling the toys, which were perfectly aligned on the table.

She swore he looked at her, but was too fast to even see if he did look at her. He kept on entertaining other buyers. This time she waved her hands frantically in front of him, and he was still completely immersed in selling a toy to a mother.

She frowned, musing. No one can see her. A dream maybe? Intrigued, she pressed a button on one of the toys. Bystanders near the vendor jumped, and stared at the toy she just touched. Their eyes widen at the event, but nonetheless shrugged it off; probably assuming the toy was malfunctioning, she concluded.

Interesting, she thought. She furthered her experiments with other people, laughing now and then at how panicked someone was when she pranked them. She walked away from the street, and stood on a high platform in front of one of the tall buildings. The moving crowds looked like huge ants on an ant hill. The entire street was packed and busy. However, someone caught her eye.

The man had bright golden orange hair, shining due to the sun’s rays. His body turned, and saw the most exotic face she has ever seen on a man. He had sharp amber eyes; its shape between a round-shaped and almond-shaped. His hair unique; he had one-sided bangs that covered his also golden orange eyebrows, the locks of hair on the sides of his face extended up to his shoulder-blade, but the rest of his hair flowed down to his waist.

Weird haircut, she commented in her head. He was moving closer to where she was, but he didn’t see her. Coming up to a decision, she jumped from the platform and stealth her way to this mysterious stranger. There was a big trashcan, almost three-foot in height, and she hurriedly crouched down next to it. Despite the fact she couldn’t be seen, acting like a spy seemed very entertaining.

He was close to her, his back facing her. Her mouth hung open when her eyes fell upon his golden hair. It was shining brightly, and one could see how silky it was. She assumed it was also thick, for his hair when his body moved to the side showed the shape of it. The body of his hair was round, almost curving inward, and it thinned to the ends of his hair. It was enigmatic, surely he didn’t use heaps amount of gel on his hair?

Her hands were itching to touch his hair. The mysterious man slowly walked in front of the stalls, as if window shopping. She moved closer, careful not to be seen, if ever. Now that she was closer, she noticed his clothing. It was yet another unexplainable feature. He was wearing what looked like a tunic, but extended to his ankles, and blown up like a balloon around his lower limbs. It was beautiful though, it had intricate embroidery and symbols, especially on his chest.

Come on, come on, she thought, the voice inside her head more eager as her hand was almost an inch away from his hair.

“What are you doing?”

She flinched. Frantically, she looked around, searching for the voice’s owner. Then she noticed the stranger turned around to face her, his enchanting eyes looked straight at her.

“You can see me?”

Sharply taking air in her lungs, her eyes opened wide, her body lurching forward. She was in her room. She was dreaming. Her hands found her chest, and closed her eyes. Finally controlled her breathing, she opened her eyes again, recalling her dream. She didn’t want to forget the dream, no way she will.

She remembered the strange man, his mysterious hair, his clothing. Who was that handsome man? Odd, she mused. She could still even remember his voice. Silky, smooth, deep, powerful, sexy.


You can see me?



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