Choose Me – Chapter One


Book Cover


“Now you be careful okay baby? I don’t trust this guy still, but if something bad happens, call me and I’ll fly out there as soon as I can to get you,” Dana Waters’ mother gave her daughter her last warnings before she flew off to California to meet her boyfriend and fiancé. They had been together for seven months now through an online relationship. She met Declan Lyons on Facebook and they started off as friends. That was seven months ago. Now they’re dating and finally engaged.

He proposed to her on their third month-sary. Perhaps it came a little too early but this didn’t keep Dana from saying yes. She was convinced she was in love with the boy, even though neither party had met the other in real life. She lives in Australia despite the fact she was American; her parents moved because of their jobs. Declan, on the other hand, lived in California, which was sixteen hours away from where Dana lived in Australia and was her current flight destination.

An online relationship was always unsafe to try unless the other party had proof that they were exactly who they represented in their profile. To avoid this, Dana and Declan had been webcamming with each other almost every other night, proving that Declan was indeed a real guy. This didn’t convince her mom though; she still felt suspicious about this Declan boy. When Dana finally decided she would go visit her boyfriend in America, her mother went nuts. She couldn’t possibly let her daughter go to a place where a possibly forty-year-old man disguising himself as a teenage boy lived.

Fight after fight, argument after argument, Dana was finally able to convince her mom to let her go. During their last argument, her mom shouted at her, “Don’t come running back for help when he’s a pedophile!” as her dad held her mom by the waist to stop her mom slapping her.

Quarreling with her mom was worth it if she was going to see her boyfriend. She was excited to meet him. Declan didn’t know she was going to fly today; her flight was supposed to be on the nineteenth of November, not the eighteenth. But because the thought of surprising her fiancé excited her, she never told him.

Her flight to California was costly and took almost sixteen hours of travelling. She hated long flights Just the thought of sitting in one place for such a long time made her bottom ache, but she was not about to complain when she realized she was only about two hours away from Declan. Through the window, she saw that they were finally approaching a land mass. She concluded it was only a matter of time now before they got to land.

After the long wait, the plane finally landed on the runway, the wheels touching the ground as Dana squeaked. She was getting butterflies in her stomach. Omigosh, I’m in California! She signed and took care of paperwork that the flight attendant gave her earlier before landing, got out of the plane, had her passport and papers checked, took her luggage and finally, she was out of the airport.

The warm weather of California welcomed her as she exited the airport and got in a cab. She gave the driver Declan’s address, one that he gave to her a week earlier when she told him she was planning to visit him. He seemed hesitant first, but finally gave her his address because of her non-stop whining and nagging. The driver drove smoothly; there wasn’t much traffic after they got away from the airport. It had been too long since she last been here. She was eight years old when she left and moved to Australia. Now she was finally coming back ten years later.

They finally arrived in the suburbs of Pomona, entering a gated area. Declan probably lived in one of these houses. After a few twists and turns, the cab finally stopped in front of a house. She took her luggage and paid the driver.

“Have a good day,” he kindly bid goodbye to her as he drove off.

She turned around and came face to face with what she assumed was Declan’s house. Pretty big. She pulled her luggage with her as she went to the door. Stopping right on the doorstep, she took in a deep breath and rang the doorbell. Her heart raced as she waited for Declan to open the door for her. Her heart sunk after a few more minutes when still nobody answered the door. When she decided she had the wrong place and turned around, she heard several thumping sounds inside as if someone was racing down the stairs and as the door opened It was then that she saw her most favorite person of all.


That is… until she saw that Declan was actually two, separate and identical guys.



[a/n: unedited.]


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